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Deploying a war in JBOSS
This post is indented for beginners who are interested in deploying their web application in JBOSS. This post demonstrates normal managed deployment of a web application as well as creating a simple war file.

STEP 1: Create html file
[Image: 0M8ZEntl.png]

STEP 2: Package war file
Create war file (with the html file) using jar command.
[Image: bJuSckHl.png]

STEP 3: Start the deployment from the JBOSS console
[Image: gxVmgPFl.png]
[Image: 0nAZgsPl.png]
[Image: p7Ox9Wul.png]

Enable the DeployedApplication
[Image: 5SFN0jgl.png]
[Image: QxkjPKll.png]

Verify by accessing the application via browser
[Image: x9Y9dXjl.png]

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