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Introduction to IBM Message Broker
IBM Message Broker is an ESB(Enterprise Service Bus) software provided by IBM.
Various other ESBs are IBM ESB, IBM Datapower XI50, Mule ESB(Open source) etc.

What is an ESB?
Enterprise Service Bus is software architecture model which is widely used for designing and implementing communication between various applications. Enterprise Service Bus plays a very important role in connecting various application in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) architecture.

Why ESB?
Applications can communicate with each other without using ESB by including connectivity logic in the application code. Consider a scenario where in a large number of heterogeneous enterprise applications are communicating with each other. When implementing a complex scenario like this without ESB, connectivity logic which needs to be included in each application becomes very complex. it also needs to take into consideration that different applications may be developed in different programming languages and deployed in different platforms. So now the Integration of application becomes another complexity. Moreover, upgrade of a single application might require code change in another multiple applications.
In short, if we could isolate the connectivity logic and integration logic and make it some other middle person's responsibility, applications can be purely of business logic and this makes the architecture scalable and easier to maintain and reduces the time and complexity involved in developing the applications. ESB is that middle man or the middleware software that isolates the connectivity logic and integration logic from the applications and includes some other logic with it and makes it easy to integrate various Heterogeneous applications.

Main functionalities of IBM Message Broker
  • Transformation
  • Routing
  • Integration
  • Message Enrichment
what is SOA?how is it related to Websphere message broker?
How to connect two databases(db2,oracle)in compute node,with different dsn names ,how to write esql codes in compute nodes?

i have tried these Database.{DataSource}.{Schema}.Table1

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