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Say A nd B are two Full repositories,

By any chance is there a way to add a partial repository C without creating CLUSSDR channel to the FR? or CLUSRCVR to itslef?
This was asked to me and I promptly replied it isn't possible, was laughed out of it.
They say it is possible. They just hinted that it is possible using DNS (couldn't make heads or tails of it)

So far I haven't encountered any documentation with regards to it.
If you have any idea on this, can you shed some light?
Queue Manager cannot be a Partial Repository if it is not having a cluster receiver channel to itself. Cluster receiver channel is used to receive cluster information from Full repository as well as to receive messages from cluster sender channels (from both Full Repositories and Partial Repositories in the shared cluster).

To display visible Cluster Queue Managers along with information about the repository type, use the  command: DIS CLUSQMGR(*) QMTYPE

Unless, cluster receiver channel is created, Queue Manager will not start acting as Partial Repository

Cluster Sender channel in Partial Repository is used to send cluster information (including the cluster receiver channel information about the Partial repository) to the Full Repository as well as to send Messages to Full Repository.
Unless cluster sender channel is created, it won't be able to send its cluster information to Full Repository.
If Full Repository is not having information about the Partial Repository, that partial repository won't be visible from the Full repository. You can verify this by giving CLUSQMGR(*) QMTYPE command on Full Repository. 
Also, Full Repository and other Partial Repositories won't be able to connect to this Partial Repository since they are not having cluster receiver channel information of it which is required to Auto-define cluster sender channel to Partial Repository.

DNS comes into picture only for Connection Name of the channel. You still need a Cluster channel for clustering.

Please check the concept of QMGR Alias, where Queue Manager can put messages on cluster queues without being in cluster. Here, although Queue Manager is able to put message on cluster queue, it is not a Partial Repository Queue Manager.

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